Prerequisite: Catching the wall.

Walljumping is an old technique in SMW and previous Mario's games. It can be done without tools quite often, if you try enough. In order to do a walljump, one must only press B or A one frame before snagging the wall. That means, the jump button must appears in the input in the last frame before hitting the wall. The height of the jump is identical as when Mario is stationary.

One-Sided Walljumping

In several hacks, the player has to pass through a high wall by walljumping. The video shows an example in the original game. Nearly everytime, he wants to surpass the maximum of blocks in a jump and that his jump takes the minimum amount of frames. The first criterion is easy, he must surpass two blocks per jump. A reasoning due to Mister answers the second criterion: we need 44 frames between the jumps and 43 is impossible. In the Input Macro Editor, this sequent works if Marios starts moving from the wall with speed -2 and his subpixel is .0, the left-extremum of the block's top.


If those conditions don't match, you must:
  • Edit you previous input in order to fulfill the conditions;
  • While going to the left, stop when you are further from the wall. But your speed needs to increase starting from -26.
Demonstration: http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.php/info/417001734/Wall%20Jump.smv

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