Brown Platform Glitch Samples

Spitting a null sprite, while standing on a brown platform, might cause 3 effects:

1) nothing
2) crash the game
3) some useful glitch, like the powerup incrementation

As usual, this post from Mister is a must-read. The platform was even used in the first game end glitch. However, the possibilities seem endless. I will use this post to link to movies with odd effects, that might be usefull in a TAS or to abuse in hacks.

Emulator used: lsnes rr2
Movies start from power on, but I used cheats to beat the first level. Load the files as savestates.

Turning Yoshi into other sprites
Feather [1, 2]
Reznor (not useful to beat the level, because he's not at slot 7 and Yoshi vanished)

Other effects

Spawning a feather (without losing Yoshi)
Turning YI3 into an aquatic level (from the video of this post)

Movies will be added if new glitches are found...

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